Bringing a pet rodent or rabbit from an other non-EU country


You can bring a pet rodent or rabbit to Ireland from countries outside the EU but you must apply for a permit by filling in and sending an Application to Import pet rabbit or rodent into Ireland from a non EU country to The permit will outline the veterinary health certificate requirements.

You should submit this application 1 – 2 months before your date of travel to Ireland.

An Advance Notice Pet Rodent or Pet Rabbit from a non-EU country must also completed. You must arrange a compliance check in advance of any movement, this can be arranged by emailing your advance notice form to the following points of entry before your travel plan is finalised:

If arriving into Dublin Port or Rosslare Port from Great Britain, please note special arrangements in the port may apply. Please follow the instructions given to you at the time.

You must fill in and email this form at least one working day before the arrival time of your pet in Ireland.

For any species kept as a pet which is listed on the CITES list of endangered species, you must check with the National Parks and Wildlife Service if a CITES licence is required.